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Here at Preventive Dentistry, we recommend all our patients attend our clinic every 6 months as a preventive measure to ensure optimal oral health. Attending regular check-ups allows the team here an opportunity to detect any underlying issues.


Radiographic examinations of the mouth & teeth are important in the diagnosis & management of many dental conditions. Using x-rays we can detect problems that cannot be seen during an examination but more importantly before symptoms appear. 


We are an amalgam FREE clinic, we only place tooth coloured fillings. The use of these types of materials allows for less destruction of the tooth and they have better adhesion as it bonds to the surrounding tooth structure. They are also more aesthetically pleasing as they match the colour of natural tooth.


Removal of tooth/teeth is only done after careful consideration & discussion with your Dentist. Every effort is made to preserve your natural teeth as they function better than artificial teeth. Referral to a specialist may be necessary or at the patients request.

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From Bupa to Medicare, we accept all health funds.

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